Hello there,

I am Sam, the founder of Isle of Hue. 

Isle of Hue is a local business operating from a little coastal town in our island home of Tasmania, hence 'Isle'. 

'Hue', because I'm a proud mama of a handsome little guy who goes by the name of the germanic variation of the English 'Hugh' being 'Hugo'. England being dear to my heart. Hue being a colour, or shade, which is what we are all about here at Isle of Hue. 

I do like a little play on words.

Ethical practices and sustainability are what we hold close to our heart here at Isle of Hue, so within our little online shop you will only find products I have made myself with love and attention to detail. Also, when you shop with us you will notice we take great care to use minimal packaging.

We are fairly new, we are passionate, and we are ever growing, so please keep an eye out, and if possible help support a local business and family by making a purchase, or simply liking and sharing our page on social media. You will find the links at the bottom of this page. 

Love and gratitude,